Terms and Conditions

1. Our policy

1playergames.net is the favorite gaming site of many people after every stressful working hour. This is an online game site with game genres such as sports games, adventure games, IO games, puzzle games, action games, clicker games, … The User’s use of the Website indicates that the User agrees with Terms of Use, privacy policy and required notice acceptance. If the Player does not agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, the Player is advised not to use the Website. See About us.

1.1 Service and availability

Games services include the provision of free and online entertainment flash games for players. Also, the Website provides useful information related to current online flash games such as upcoming games, impressive games, and gaming trends worldwide.

As for the availability of the Website, 1 player games depends on the proper functioning of the Player’s systems and the intermediary infrastructure (Internet) that we does not affect. 1playergames cannot guarantee that the Website or other services are still available to Players.

We reserves the right to change the Website provided without notice in whole or in part, permanently or temporarily shut down to maintain, upgrade or improve the Website.

1.2 Conditions of using the service

Your use of the games provided by the Player on the Site is subject to the restrictions in these Terms of Use and / or included in any other conditions between the Site and the terms submitted by the Player agree.

The games provided on the Site may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Players are not allowed to use the games provided on the intellectual property rights of 1playergames.net or its suppliers, including copyright, database rights, neighbouring rights, trademark rights, patent or other rights of industrial property or intellectual property. Collecting personal data of other Players of the Site to abuse, harass, attack, discriminate, rude or indecent against a person or persons is contrary to the terms of 1playergames.
Ads that disrupt the operation of the Website or prevent it, in any case, be interpreted as circumventing technical protections, damaging computerized works or storing data of games and other Its third party and overloaded computer networks and computers of games and participating third parties. On the other hand, deal with any other applicable laws or regulations or other illegal actions against 1playergames and third parties.
Games reserve the right, without notice, to the Technical and legal measures of the Player, if necessary, to enforce compliance with these Terms of Use.

1.3 Establish agreement, tariff

Players are entirely free to play directly on 1playergames.net

2. Privacy policy

The privacy policy explains the practices that apply to Player information when Players use the Site. The Player’s continued use of the Site indicates his / her consent to the methods disclosed in Talpa Gaming’s Privacy Policy.

To the extent that it is necessary to declare the Player as 14 years of age or older or have the parent/guardian agree to play the game and/or use other services and in such context provide data to the Site.

The Player authorizes the Website so that his/her personal data is recorded in his / her profile and takes into account the proper performance of the agreement between the Player and the Website. Talpa Gaming uses Player’s data to continually improve the scope of the Website’s services and to meet the Player’s needs.

The Website uses the Player’s personal information to establish, process and resolve the User’s user relationship with the Website.

Furthermore, Talpa Gaming uses Player information to communicate via email, generally. This includes Talpa Gaming, as the case may be, informing Players of particular offers, products and services or events that may be of interest to the Player regularly. The Player does not have any conditions and may decide to stop receiving emails from the Website. The Website also uses Player information to protect the Website and track unauthorized access.

Players may access our Website without disclosing any personal information to Talpa Gaming. Players always choose whether to provide their private information or not. Talpa Gaming collects Player information so it can meet user requirements. In addition to monitoring compliance with terms and rules.

3. Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property of the Website is provided by 1playergames and its services, making (in part) these services available to Players.

The Site’s players here grant limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-licensed and irrevocable licenses to games provided by 1playergames / services, provided the Player complies with the rules The Privacy Policy and/or anything else between the Website and the Player agree to the terms of use.

Unless required to do so, the Player specifies that the software available may not copy, decompile or reverse engineer it.

4. Limitation of liability

1playergames will correct errors or problems encountered by the Website. There is no way these rights can be obtained from the information and services provided on the Website. Besides, 1playergames is not responsible for damages arising in any way from the use of the Website or the use of products offered on the Site or inadequate and inaccurate magnetism. Of the information provided on the Site and for damage caused by (temporarily) unavailable by the Site.

5. Not guaranteed

All games offered on the Site are provided online as above, with all errors and availability. You plays the game, and the provider makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the Website.

6. No spam

Players may not use the Site or any communications tools to transmit, directly or indirectly, any unsolicited mass communications (including e-mail and instant messages). 1playergames may immediately terminate access to or use of the Player’s Website and take any other legal action if the Player or anyone using the User accesses the Website, violating any this rule. 1playergames may take any technical measures to prevent unsolicited mass communications from entering, utilising or maintaining it in its computer or communications network.