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JumPig is a jumping pig game. You play as a pig jumping on the bars across the screen. These bars will appear suddenly and disappear after a period of time. Above and below the screen will have zic-zac bar. If you fall or get hit on this Zac Zac, you will lose.

You have to jump with just enough force to reach the top crossbar without being too strong to touch the top zigzag. At the same time, you must quickly jump to the top bar so as not to fall into the zic-zac below. The game seems quite simple, but it also takes a bit of technique to be able to finish the game. Wish you have fun playing games on 1 player games.

How to play

Touch the screen and hold to increase jump strength. Release to jump.

Make precise jumps to catch the apples, land on platforms, and avoid the spikes!